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Usually, counterfeit watches will have a slightly off finish. For Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Gold, it is a must that the watch should be hallmarked. The weight of the watch should also be checked. If it is lighter than usual, then what you are holding could just be a cheap copy.

TypeFaces and Engravings
Another sure-fire way of detecting a counterfeit is by checking the type faces and engravings. AP Royal Oak watches are known for its iconic octagonal bezel with eight hexagonal screws. They are also carved and engraved meticulously.

Perhaps, the most important thing to inspect is the movement of the watch. Counterfeit ones may look just the same as the real deal, but it will never have the internal mechanisms of authentic watches. AP Royal Oak Offshore watches, for example, has that trademark dial with a tapisserie pattern.

A shallow brook babbles the loudest, just like bogus watches. The authenticity of a watch can be determined with the sound it makes. Luxury watches have carefully assembled mechanism; thus, each tick of the dial goes smoothly, without any loud clicks.

Certificate with Serial Number
Of course, if you are looking to buy AP Royal Oak watches from private sellers; one important thing you should ask for is the paperwork. Any certificate that proves the authenticity of the watch, as well as the original boxes with serial numbers can tell a lot about the genuineness of the timepiece.

For watch collectors who would want to check if their watches are counterfeit must do some research on certain watch brands and models. Before even considering buying a particular luxury watch, you should be able to familiarise yourself first to some of watch models

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